November 1, 2014

Second album released

After the first modul NYC deconstruct here is the second one BER deconstruct: Bandcamp.

August 23, 2014,
Live @ Ohm, Berlin Atonal-Festival 2014

Premiere of BER deconstruct

The genericartensemble presents the premiere of BER deconstruct, the upcoming album / the second module of a tetralogy in Ohm Gallery in Atonal-Festival 2014, Berlin.

August 22, 2014,
Live @ Kraftwerk, Berlin Atonal-Festival 2014

Live video from Atonal 2014

An atmospheric video compilation from the live video performance of genericartensemble at Atonal Festival 2014, Kraftwerk, Berlin in cooperation with TV Victor. Look at the video.

August 22, 2014,
Live @ Kraftwerk, Berlin Atonal-Festival 2014

First impression

First impression of our performances at the Atonal Festival 2014 in Berlin.

August 22, 2014,
Live @ Kraftwerk, Berlin Atonal-Festival 2014

genericartensemble + TV Victor

Visual cooperation for live performance by TV Victor at Kraftwerk Berlin, in Atonal-Festival 2014, Berlin.

November 1, 2013

A talk with genericartensemble

A short interview with and from the genericartensemble in seven categories between production and creativity on vimeo.

August 15, 2013

BER deconstruct is coming

The first impression on vimeo.

February 1, 2013

First album released

On this album we have even been waiting for:

four years after the founding of the genericartensemble we released our first music. Now our album "NYC deconstruct" appeared - available as a paid download on bandcamp, and later on as a limited CD. And we are glad that it's there.

November 10, 2012, 8 p.m.
O.R.T. 46

NYC deconstruct

The genericartensemble create at the Cinema "City 46" the metropolis of New York as an multimedia-event.

April 9, 2012, 1 p.m.
Deconstruction of audiovisual media


The genericartensemble will decompose with proprietary software the photographs of the exhibition “Imagefaktor”. Moreover, in this live performance locally created portraits of visitors will digital split and reassembled. On this day the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus will be the acoustic space of experience with our electronic sounds.

genericartensemble presents

Kurosh Valizadeh

At the opening of the exhibition on Friday, October 07th at 19.00 clock, we invite you and your friends are cordially.

genericartensemble presents

Gastón Arévalo

We are pleased to present exclusively and the first time in Bremen on 9/16/2011, the composer and musician Gastón Arévalo in our series “Artist in residence”. This is his only concert in Germany in 2011 of a total of three appearances in Europe.

Deconstruction of audiovisual media


The genericartensemble will decompose with proprietary software LIVE digital media, assemble new, present on the projection and back them with live electronic sounds.

the genericartensemble was in

Radio therapy

On Tuesday, 07/06/2011 Windy Jacob took in his weekly broadcast a closer look at the genericartensemble especially under the musical aspect, commented by Uwe Kirsch and Gunnar Ebert.

You could ear the broadcast on the frequencies of Radio Weser.TV: 92,5 MHz antenna; 101,85 MHz cabel or

genericartensemble @


On Thursday, 02/06/2011 at 20:30 were Uwe Kirsch and Gunnar Ebert at westend radio and talked a bit about the genericartensemble [di:ken’strAkt].

[here you can hear the broadcast]

genericartensemble presents


We have presented the project krill.minima of composer and musician Martin Juhls premiering in Bremen in our series “Artist in residence at 08.04.2011. He has maintained his many publications both at home and abroad for over 10 years and he inspired with a fantastic concert.

Klub Dialog | The general assembly

Creative, sympathizers and curious ones show what is going on in BremenWorkshops, statements, ideas and controversies of essential topics.

We were represented as guests on 11/20/2010 with two live animation andvideo work.

Video of the event ]

Klub Dialog | Home visit

On 22/10/2010, we have presented in the Klub Dialog home visit to interested guests. Here is a report with pictures.

Random products desired ]


What influence does music have on the visual arts? Uwe Kirsch on 3/10/2010 mediated his experience of the invited guests.

Greetings from New York

Gunnar Ebert has had a look around the streets of New York for us.

Fieldrecordings in 2D

Claus Bammann and Gunnar Ebert are investigating their neighbourhood.


Uwe Kirsch is presently working on a series of portraits..

One night in New York

A secret story in NYC by GE.

Lisboa Souvenirs

Wolfgang Spelmans is re-creating the city.


B10+- Banality and poetry of everyday life

Galerie No 6 – Photography in space
Integrated image-space sound installation

Work in progress II - WIP

Atelier Kirsch | Ogohaus
Multimedia installation


Weserburg | Museum für Modern Art
Multimedia, sound, live performance and
generic project on the Art Spring 2009

WplusU forward

Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst – GAK

Work in progress I - WIP

Atelier Kirsch | Ogohaus
Multimedia installation