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February 22, 2018

The end of pixel

Inspired by the history of data storage to today's 4K resolution, the new video goes forward by gae to deconstruct the world of images > vimeo.

February 20, 2018


New longplayer 2018. This album is the second module in a series of three new musical works. Rhythmic abstraction meets deconstructed dub. Musical visions made by machine music. Contemporary ambient spaces meet digital noise > Bandcamp.

February 15, 2018

genericartensemble @ Boddinale 2018

A nice and communicative evening. Thanks for watching and voting for us > Vimeo.

February 13, 2018

ftr / shrt

This new EP 2018 is the first module in a series of three new musical works. Contemporary ambient spaces meet digital noise. Film music meets abstract electronic popular music > Bandcamp.

January 16, 2018

On the short list of Boddinale 2018

We are taking part in the Boddinale Festival 2018. Our film 287-13 for Pyrolator was selected from 350 submissions. Be there on feburary 15, 2018 in Urban Spree, Berlin and vote for our work > Boddinale.


April 13, 2017

Live video genericartensemble + Pyrolator

Short documentation of Pyrolator live performance in Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, March 25, 2017. In the background you see the video art, we created exclusively for this project > vimeo.

March 26, 2017, 12 am
Live @ Kunsthalle, Düsseldorf, Nacht der Museen 2017

genericartensemble + Pyrolator / Düsseldorf

genericartensemble + Pyrolator / London

March 9, 2017
Live @ Under The Bridge, London

Pyrolator reworks material from legendary composer and concept artist Conrad Schnitzler. He utilises unreleased footage for a audio-visual show that emphasises the darker, technoid side to Schnitzler’s output and reinterprets him as the leading pioneer of classic Berlin techno.

August 28, 2016,
Live @ Kraftwerk, Berlin Atonal-Festival 2016

genericartensemble + Pyrolator

Visual cooperation for live performance by Pyrolator at Kraftwerk Berlin, in Atonal-Festival 2016, Berlin.

June 16, 2016

Plaza Hotel - Bewegliche Ziele

Starting from a series of photographs from 1983 of Wolfgangs private archive, it was a challenge to transfer the musical energy of "Bewegliche Ziele" with today's digital possibilities in modern times. The result can be seen on vimeo.

December 17, 2015

code area EP

Two new tracks that can not be more different. A first impression of an upcoming album on Bandcamp.

December 10, 2015

code area Video

Deconstructed buildings, flowing structures, athmospheric surroundings transform into time and space. With "code area" follows the second part after “totem" as a part of a larger generic audiovisual project next year.

June 1, 2015

Speed versions EP

This is not a normal record of genericartensemble. This is a special soundtrack EP with a rhythmic main focus. So six versions created from our last single "Global speed", which each have a unique character for themselves. We try to reflect the ambivalent moods of feelings of motion codes in megacities into audible soundscapes. Genre transcending, cinematic, energetic, informal, danceable, nervous, brutal, dark, noisy, deconstruct, black and white.

Hear more about it here: Bandcamp.

February 28, 2015

Global speed / particular slowness EP

A new EP is in the pipeline and will be available end of May. Two new titles are available here: Bandcamp.

More news and work samples here > [ works ]