The genericartensemble

_ experiments at the interface between random, technology, poetry and new media. Changes the familiar patterns of perception.

In an unconventional approach of networking and interaction, the ensemble develops audio-visual concepts in a generic process, in tune with time and place. Typography, images, movement and sounds merge into an ever-changing process.

In exhibitions, concerts and performances, the entire spectrum of generic disciplines is consciously implemented with analogue and digital tools.

Sometimes it works – sometimes not.

_ are

Wolfgang Spelmans – media artist
Gunnar Ebert – design, multi media & composing

_the world of electronic music has opened up new horizons and possibilities for gae, that goes far beyond the act of arranging and composing our audio-visual works.

_ what us really motivates unexpected encounters, strange audio-visual places, irritating moments in dealing with mistakes, lasting friendships, insights at second glance, growing knowledge, ongoing confrontations, playful interaction with technology.

The term “generic” [Latin: (generalis =general, referring to the whole species, category or type)] is applied to objects or terms which bear relation to a whole group or class of objects or terms. In this sense complexity is a generic term because it stands for many more specific meanings, e.g. culture, process.

Generic terms or names for objects are developed by the abstraction of common features and properties of many different ideas or objects by focussing on their common points.